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World War Two In Color

Color Photographs From WW2 - Exercises in Creating World War Two Color Photographs

These pages are part of a work in  progress project to take black and white photos from world war two and  colorize them with BlackMagic. To begin with I will be putting some  experimental images on line but as the project to add color to these old war photos grows I will create a more coherent set of pages. If anyone  is interested in getting involved in this projects please let me know




Our first image is rather simple, a matter of minutes using  Blackmagic, but it is a start. I begin with a photo of the battleship  Bismarck which was one of the last to be taken. It was shot from the  Prinz Eugen in May 1941.The Bismarck itself was not really a colorful  ship, standing out like a sore thumb was considered poor naval  tactics.The camera used on the Prinz Eugen was probably quite basic compared to todays standards and was probably shooting into the light but i have tried to add a bit of Battleship Gray€¯ to it.. The main exercise here was to get some realistic color for the sea and sky. As  far as i know this is a unique color photograph of the Battleship Bismarck. Below I show the original and the colorized version. please  click on the images to see larger versions.Bizmarck In Black and WhiteBizmarrck In Color

This is part of an ongoing project to colorize images and photographs from the second worldwar. Future projects will include:

  • ColorPhotos of WorldWar I
  • Colour Photos From The American Civil War
  • Vietnam War Photographs In Color
  • General War Photos
  • Major Historical Events In Color
  • Famous People Photographs Colorized
  • Historical Buildings In Color
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